Minimalistic ethnicity


Color palette


The goal of this shoot is to celebrate diversity and ethnicity on a wedding day. The goal is to create minimalistic imagery scattered with a lot of ethnical references, from the brides dress, to all the accessories. I'm looking a dark skin black model with delicate and fine facial features. She needs to fit the model sized dresses. For the dress, I'd like to find a flowy dress with earty tones (brown, cream, dark green etc...) and accessorise it with ethnical jewellery, gold tones. A head wrap matching the color of the dress would be perfect. If possible, I'd love to have a few bridemaids with matching earthy tone dresses. The shoot would happen indoor, in a large, naturally lit, grungy and industrial studio. For the make up, I'm interested in finding something particularily creative, inspired from african makeup practices and traditions.

Make-up & hair

Since we’ll have a couple of girls (bride+bridemaids), I’d like to work on a few different options in terms of hair and makeup, to show variety. Playing with silk head wraps and they way its tied. I’d like to avoid pattern, as it will take away from the minimalist esthetic we’re going for.


I’d like the jewellery to be heavily present on every models. Playing around gold tones, I’d like them to be a mixture of very modern elements, but also some that pay tribute to the african legacy, like stacks of round necklaces & bracelets, african shells etc…


I’d like to go for something really minimalistic, avoiding colors, but rather playing with fabrics. And bring colors with the flowers being used. The tablescape will offer the opportunity to bring some modernism to the whole shoot. But using elements that are a lot more “in trend”.


I’d like them to be extremely simple, with big leaves, very green. Banana leaves, Hibiscus etc… But in the most simple forms, with just one leaf in a vase for example. Explore maybe in flowers that we don’t even use in the wedding industry, as big hair crowns for example.


I’d like to have outfits that play with our colour palette and avoid patterns.


There is two places I have in mind, the first one being the atelier Demoriane, and the second one, the Chateau du Bois du Rocher.