I had the privilege, not so long ago, to photograph a wedding at the Ace Hotel in London. This makes me very happy since I absolutely love going to the Ace hotel.

By now you already know that the Ace Hotel in London is a great location for wedding with modern, cool and hip styling, delicious food and friendly staff to help you out.


To take full advantage of all the photography locations available at the Ace Hotel London, its essential to choose a wedding photographer that is familiar with the venue. 

I’m one of the rare photographers that had the opportunity to shoot in the Ace Hotel London since it has open to weddings very recently. And I have a great relationship with the staff over there.

If you’re interested in booking an experienced wedding photographer at the Ace Hotel London, who knows the venue very well and will still create original wedding pictures for you, feel free to get in touch with me today.

The couples who get married at the Ace Hotel London usually have great taste in terms of styling, and its important for me to take photos of all the details.

Ace Hotel London
Ace Hotel London
Ace hotel London wedding

Here is 4 things I love about the Ace Hotel London


There is a few features that makes the Ace Hotel London unique, and a great location for wedding photography.

Here is non exhaustive list of the few things that I love about that place:

The massive bay windows

On top of having your wedding happening at the last floor of this incredible hotel, the Ace hotel London offers huge bay windows allowing you to have an incredible view of the city behind you during the ceremony. The big plus being that the sun actually sets on that side of the building. So if your ceremony in happening in the afternoon with a clear sky, be sure to get an incredible pinkish sunset during your ceremony, which looks absolutely incredible and jaw dropping! 

Ace hotel wedding view
Ace hotel london ceiling
Ace hotel london wedding portraits

The outdoor balcony

This balcony is big enough to have most of your guest outside if you want to, allowing them to enjoy fresh air, or if you’d like to do a sparkle exit like Carly and Ross. 

Ace hotel london balcony
Ace hotel London - Sparkle exit
Ace Hotel London - Sparkle exit

The streets of shoreditch

For your portrait photos, the streets of Shoreditch are the perfect backdrop: trendy, urban and hip, these streets are 2 minutes walks from the hotel, its also a fun walk since you also get the cheering of the people passing by. 
Ace hotel london wedding - Shoreditch wedding portraits
Ace hotel london wedding - Shoreditch wedding portraits
Ace hotel london wedding - Shoreditch wedding portraits

The quality food

You probably know this already, but the food at the Ace Hotel London is absolutely incredible. The Hoi Polloi blew me away with the quality of food. 
Ace hotel London - Dessert
Ace hotel london - wedding cake

I hope you enjoyed this round up of the reasons why I love taking wedding photos at the Ace hotel London.

If you’d like to enquire about wedding photography availability for your wedding, click the button below to get in touch with me today.