The idea is to create a shoot around the parisian dreamer. The one who constantly have amazing ideas, who's creative, who constantly shoot for the stars. In this shoot, she dominates the city by being on the rooftops. Since the shoot is based on the "dream", I want soft and muted colours as well as fabrics and textures. The shoot will take place at sunset time to get that georgous soft light. The model should be wearing a comfortable outfit to reach the rooftop and then change once up there, as the access is a little tricky.

Colour palette


Mood Board

Soft / Dreamy / Intimate / Details / Clean / Simple / Elegant / Modern / Trendy


I'd like to have pretty simple, soft and muted colours in the bouquet. I thought that eucalyptus could bring that green component which we probably won't have anywhere else. I wonder though if its not something that bloggers are a little bit bored of now.






Hair & Make up

I'd like something really simple for the make up.

For the hair, I'd like something really effortless, like a low bun, or losely done braids. I also would like to include a golden hair piece similar to this Jcrew head piece. This headpiece could include feather shapes.





The Dress

It will probably be something with lace, something really feminine, parisian and attractive like an opened back dress.

I'd love the bottom part of the dress to be pretty flowy and catch wind.







The stationary

I'd like to have handwritten Calligraphy in blue, rose or gold.


I also would like to use surprising textures and fabrics evoking dreams, softness, lightness (feather, silk, linen, cotton)