The shoot takes place next to the sea shore of a very raw and wild area. Probably close to the Le Lavandou, but I will be scouting for the perfect location on Sunday morning.

The bride would be walking barefoot on the beach, with wind catching her hair and dress.

I'd like something very minimalistic. Here are the keywords to keep in mind for the shoot:

Raw, Wild, Organic, Sensual, Mediterranean.

In order to fit this description, I will be shooting mostly film with my medium format camera: Contax 645



Getting published in Un beau Jour (in France) and Wedding Sparrow (in the UK)







We'd like to have something very fluid that catches wind, sensual with lace around the shoulders, back and breast. It doesn't have to be a white dress. Light grey, beige or blue could work as well


We'd like to have a pretty organic look, so bright and large pastel flowers would work really well.Maybe with Eucalyptus, various small berries or olive leaves ?


Here is the colour scheme I had in mind. Very muted and pastel colours:


Details & table design

I'm still looking for something that could defferentiate our photoshoot strongly compared to whats out there already.For the table, I'd definitely see wood against linen, mediterranean fruits like figs or peaches and some handwritten wedding invites and menus. Maybe a handwritten quote in french on a woodboard as one of the pictures? In terms of dishes, I definitely see ceramic, pottery or copper for plates, candles, etc...


Hair and make-up

I absolutely love braids, but I also love that hair catches wind, so it will be up to the makeup artist to choose. In terms of make-up, I'd like to have something very natural and organic, very little make up to highlight natural beauty.Please keep in mind the color scheme though.